With J. Scott Long at Indiana, I have written the SPost suite of commands for post-estimation analysis of predicted quantities in Stata. These go along with our book.

If you have Stata 11 or later, the commands can be installed in Stata by typing:

. findit spost13_ado

and following the prompts. If you have Stata 9 or 10, we have a legacy version of the commands at:

. findit spost9_ado

and doing the same.

The commands for the two versions have syntax as similar as we could manage, but differ because we now take advantage of the capabilities that Stata introduced when they added the margins command with Stata 11. As a result, the commands have new names. Where before the commands had names like prgen or -prvalue-, where the “pr” stood for “probability”, they now have names like -mgen- and -mtable-, where the “m” stands for “margins.”

Syntax Highlighting

I used to use UltraEdit and created a syntax highlighting file which apparently still works (here).  I currently use Stata’s do-file editor for editing Stata code, which I find far superior for working in Stata (except it doesn’t allow selection of columns).  As a regular text editor, I use TextPad in Windows, and still haven’t decided on my preference for Mac.